Printer shuts down mid print. Loses all power.

  • Hi, I have been experimenting with prints and have found that the printer randomly shuts off and cuts all power mid print. Not sure what is going on here but it seems like the power supply is cutting out and shutting it down. As an aside, the print bed is still not leveling correctly now i suspect that the firmware doesn't actually do auto level and that the glass platform they sent is not flat.

    if anyone has a fix for any of these issues that would be great.

  • this just happened to me about 2 minutes ago after a nice good 2 days of on and off printing. would you have a diagram of what you changed or a picture? i'd like to know what i am getting into before i start tearing it apart.

  • update: I have fixed this power issue by switching terminals on the power switch. At first i saw a post that it could be the power switch but when i wiggled the leads I didn't see a difference. But then I probed the switch contacts with a multimeter to measure resistance and saw that it was very high like 500 ohms which was weird not sure how the switch just didn't blow up. The sleeve on the crimp connecter has small burn marks not sure if it was from the switch or when they heat shrunk it.

    TLDR: move the cables to the other contacts on the switch, I have had zero issues and am able to print great stuff. Also the auto leveling magically started working again, i suspect the intermittent power was messing with a lot of things. I would also order a new switch in case the other contacts fail.


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