CR-SCAN 01 issues

  • I just recently bought the scanner and have had a few issues with getting it to scan effectively. The detail has been up and down. Have adjusted the distance and brightness in the software but sometimes it's not scanning it correctly. It leaves areas unscanned. Also I don't understand how to scan a second or third time and combine the scans to get clearer image.
    I also updated the software of cr studio to the latest version and had a problem with the scan only rotating 3/4 of the way around on the turntable before it stops and presents the scan.
    I have gone back to using the version that came on the USB, at least it does do a full rotation.
    And finally, can someone give me a better idea of the correct environment to scan in? What I mean is for example is, when using the turntable or even handheld mode, should there be a dark background or a light background?
    A white surface for the turntable to sit on or again something darker?
    And a bit clearer instruction on how to use the softwares features like scanning multiple scans and combining them to get a clearer image, and how to use the editing.

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