CR10 Smart problems with SD card

  • Can't get my CR-10 smart to read three new SD cards.

    Formatted them as instructed and CR-10 just doesn't see any print files. Put them on the supplied SD card and they appear as if by magic!

    If there are more than four print files it doesn't see the next page, although it says 1/5 which I take to mean page 1 of 5.

    Any ideas please?

  • There is a spare card in the cloud thingy if your not using it. in the base unit.

    Try older 8 or 16Mb cards. Think I have a 1Gb card that also worked. Long time since I used the original board so I cant remember the largest I used in it, Just make sure your allocation units is set to 4096? (click default settings ?) when you format it. I would have to ask me Grandad to be sure as he is the only person I know old enough to remember these cards now.

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