Extruder not working.

  • Hello all, I hope someone can help with my issue on my CR10 S5.
    While this printer has been amazing with very few issues, I noticed the other day that the extruder was not working properly. I first that that the stepper motor was bad, so I switched the Z cable with the E cable( from stepper motor to stepper motor) I jogged the z axis and the stepper motor seemed to work fine. So I then switched the Z and E cables at the motherboard, it didn’t work.
    At this time I thought that maybe the E port on the motherboard was bad, so I swapped out the motherboard ( I had a brand new one on hand) and the same exact thing happens. How can this be?
    I’ve tried different stepper motors, different cables and a new motherboard and still have the same problem, frustrating,
    If anyone could help that would be much appreciated

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