Halot one quit printing

  • I recently purchased a Halot one resin printer, got about six good prints out of it and now nothing. The LED seems to work in clean mode, but not in print mode. I am getting really frustrated with this, about redy to pack it up and buy a different brand. It has been upgraded to the latest firmware and have got the latest version of Halot box slicing software. I realy could use some help👣 👣

  • Hello, I have the very same issue. It worked out of the box. Did 3 soda can lids prints, now the LCD screen stopped working. I used the default settings from Halot box also did the firmware update. The LCD lights ON in clean mode but none of the resin solidifies. With each print job sent, the LCD screen fully lights up dimly and not the sliced layer images. At least you got six good prints! Any fixes ? or are we talking replacement LCD print screen for $90.00

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