Ender 3 v2 leaking during heat up and at start of print

  • I have CR touch and the nozzle is leaking during the heat up phase, and a little bit before the start. I have not been able to start the dog print, as it is blocking the print from sticking to the bed

  • Yes its quite normal for a small amount of plastic to ooze out as the nozzle heats up. You could set the print head (say) 2cm above the bed and then carefully remove the surplus plastic once the nozzle is up to temperature.

    However, when the nozzle 'dips' just before starting a print, it should stick and anchor itself to the bed, so maybe its not sticking as well as it should.

    Another point is that the Cura slicer includes a 'purge line' at the start of each print. This is helpful in sorting out this kind of startup problem.

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