Power Failure or Thermal Runaway

  • I'm new to 3d printing.
    I've had my Ender 5 + for about 3 weeks and I printed successfully a 32 hr print.
    I started printing a 49.5 hr print and I had a Thermal Runaway failure after the 34 hr mark.
    When recycle the printer and resumed the print it went through the motions but no filament was extruded, however, the bed kept moving. So the print failed.
    I did a test on a small part unplugged the printer and plugged it back in, yes on resuming the print and the same thing happened as before it pulls the filament then lets it drop back into position without any extrusion (I marked the filament with a sharpie).
    Any ideas?

  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    Come on guys I've now had half dozen failures and resuming the print doesn't work.

    The nozzle registers the heat yet does not extrude any filament, thus causing the head to lose the starting position.

    My mom says that I'm special, but not unique enough to have my very own problem.

    This has to be slow soft ball just waiting for you to hit it out of the park.
    Don't leave me stranded!

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