Halot Sky DEAD!

  • Hi everyone,

    Is there any way a can install a firmware in a printer that does not power on??

    Recently I bought a Halot Sky, a few days later a update it using the WLAN tool into the printer itself.
    That made my printer not behave very well, and after that, I could not update or downgrade the printer anymore, neither via usb flash disk. So I usede the phonix suit and install a older version, avaliable on Creality´s website. That was worst, my printer now does not respond to any command. Talking (trying to) to creality support email, they send me a new firmware in .img format, so I could install via phoenix suit again. During the installation, phoenix suit returns a error message, and now my printer is tottaly dead. It does not turn on anymore, the screen does nothing and the phoenix suit does not recognize it, so I don´t know how can I possible install a nwe firmware in it.

    I would really aprecciate any help

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