MAJOR Thermal issues with 2 brand new Ender 3 Pros

  • I've had 3 Ender 3 Pros - 1 of them is perfect, rock solid and prints like a champ. The other two have the EXACT same issues, had them with the first one, returned/replaced it and the 2nd is doing the EXACT SAME. This issues are thermal heating and thermal runaway. Here's everything I've done:

    I'm at a total loss - I need these things to work for my business and have lost over 40 hours just trying to make this thing (and the previous one) print. The store where I bought them is an hour away so I really don't want to make a 3rd trip there.



  • I am having the same type of issue on an Ender 3 v2. Can't do print out of the box....just get a lowtempature warning and then failure. Did a pidtune but that doesn't seem to help either. Temp gets to its starting point, runs for a few layers and then just starts going down and never recovers until the failure. Its almost like the power supply cant handle the load from heating both the bed and nozzle.

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