Ender 5 Pro board 4.2.2 instead of 4.27

  • I received my printer 4 weeks ago and I noticed that the board on it is V4.2.2 instead of V4.2.7.
    Why is that? how can I get the latest board?

  • Lucky you!! I received my 2 months after you and it has the V1 board... I am a very unhappy customer as it clearly should be supplied with the board specified when i bought it!!! Creality are doing nothing about it and expect me to PURCHASE the V4.2.7 board

  • @davidzohar

    Hi, 4.2.2 is the motherboard configured during factory production, and 4.2.7 is the motherboard to be reissued when the 4.2.2 motherboard fails. The functions of the two motherboards are the same.

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