Design a mechanism to prevent the LCD screen from being destroyed during failed print

  • New Halot Sky owner here.

    I recently had a failed print where a piece I was printing broke loose due to insufficient supports. This piece was then mercilessly and repeatedly jammed into the LCD screen by the force of the Z motor / build plate and cracked the edge of the screen.

    Has anyone at Creality considered re-designing the printer so that a failed print doesn't destroy the LCD? Failed prints do happen, and when they do it shouldn't cost $200 to replace the screen.

    One suggestion, design the LCD to be housed in a metal frame on springs. Pressure on the LCD due to failed print would depress the springs. Metal frame would trip a limit switch sending an interrupt signal to the CPU. CPU would then pause the print, sound an alarm, and raise the build platform for inspection.

    2022-05-06 18.27.06.jpg

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