Has anyone successfully installed the Sprite Extruder Pro kit on and Ender 3 V2?

  • I installed per instructions, and haven't been able to do a print. Seems to suffer from under extrusion even after adjustment, and cannot auto level because of the relocation of the CR Touch sensor (when you try it sends the sensor past the end of the board and stops). Also no cable to connect the CR Touch sensor to the board on the hot end, I currently am using the original cable all the way to the main board.

  • I am having an issue with the thermister on my newly installed Sprite pro extruder on my Endr3v2. it is not reading. I was able to get the bl touch to work with some adjustment in the settigns to the offset locations, but now i am waiting on an answer on the thermister not send a tempereature back to the board.

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