Disable autolevel

  • Hello. I'm considering the Ender 3 V2 and 3 S1. I like the S1 features, but a close friend who teaches 3D design including 3D printing explained the autolevel features take up too much time. That once he has his personal printer's bed leveled, he rarely has to level it. So he's in favor of the 3 V2, but recommended getting feedback from the forum.

    I do wonder if it is possible to disable the autolevel through the UI. So far, I've only found advice to delete a line of code to accomplish this. But then is it possible to manually adjust the bed with the autolevel disabled?

    Another wrench is while I've used 3d printers, my fifth grader is very excited to learn how to build and print. So if anyone has a child around that age printing, I'd appreciate what you think is the best approach.


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