Ender 5 pro V4.2.2 BlTouch installation question

  • Hello,
    Do you have clear instruction on how to connect the BLtouch to Ender 5 pro with v4.2.2 board?
    Its not clear if I need to use the Pinboard A or not with this board?

    In your video “Ender 5 Pro BL-touch installation tutorial” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmu5Fh_nPtw&t=35s) the board is V1.1.5
    In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neS7lB7fCww&t=710s by "Teaching Tech" the board is V4.2.X however the wiring are not the same as on BLTouch I have. In the one I have the Blue cord is in the middle and not on the side

    What is the correct way to install the BLtouch on V4.2.2 board?
    Please advise,

  • @DennisSamson I have resolved this issue by bending the three pins for the small black connector from the BLTouch cable. I bent them 90 degrees so the connector is parallel to the board, and this provides sufficient space for the fan.

  • This video is not correct for the Ender 5Pro with V4.2.2 motherboard. If the pinboard A is used, the fan on the motherboard cover interferes with the cable to the display box.

    Please provide a correct connection diagram For the BL touch wiring that is supplied in the Creality BL Touch kit.

  • @admin any answer on this issue? it seems that no matter what I do the printer does not save the z offset if the printer is turned off.
    It seems that the printer doesn't save the Zoffset into the printer EEPROM. this a technical issue and might point to a defaulty main board. can you please ask your engineers what to do to resolve this. every time i want to print after setting the printer Z offset and turning off the printer for a few hours the print start way far from the bed. i have to set the Z offset over and over again to get the print after turning the printer off and sometimes even between prints.
    Please help!!!!

  • Dear @davidzohar

    I have sent your worries to our engineer to confirm, Please Don’t worry, the Z-axis height is much larger than the designed printing height, so it won’t hit the top.

  • @admin I have fully followed the instruction in the video, offset the z measurement.
    i noticed that the movement on the z axes can be more then the limits, this can damage the printer.
    is there a way to limit the endstops in the software? I think I saw something in Marlin that the software limits can replace the endpoint switch.
    after all we removed the z end switch and nothing prevent the bed to go up beyond the max point.
    can it be done using the control unit?
    Please advise,

    Yes, Sir, the mainboard is the same.

  • @admin the youtube video is not a ender 5 pro, how to follow it?

  • @davidzohar
    Hi, please follow the video, and install the BL touch firmware on our website to install. (The video is the tutorial, the firmware is follow the picture I show you)




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