CV Laser with Ender 3 S1 Pro Help!

  • I recently purchased an Ender 3 S1 Pro and the CV Laser to go with it. The laser finally arrived last week. Yesterday I unboxed the laser and went through the install instructions. My mainboard firmware appeared to be newer than what the user manual says is minimum. After mounting it and turning my machine on there was no laser option in the menu on the touchscreen. So i attempted to install the screen software as directed in the user manual. I'll add here that the user manual appears to be written for a regular S1, not a Pro, and the file it pointed me to may not work with the touchscreen.
    It went through the updating process and after completing all i have is a CREALITY logo screen...turned 90 degrees like it wants to be oriented in a landscape position. After removing the micro SD and rebooting it's the same. I left it on overnight and no change.
    I've downloaded the S1 Pro firmware file from the downloads page and attempted to flash the screen with the private folder and files there but the result is a worse looking screen. mostly black screen with some illumination that looks like pieces of a logo (NOT oriented in landscape position at least).

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