CR-6 Max how to print with 0.8 nozzle

  • Hello,
    I am recent in 3D printing, and I start with the CR-6 Max. I have printed some first objects with nozzle 0.4mm. The benchy delivered on the SD card; a little bracket, it was quite nice.
    By I need now to print bigger objects, and so, I have mounted a 0.8 nozzle, and it is not so nice. The first layer has defaults, the part also!
    See the picture!IMG_20220517_181545142_red.jpg
    Corners are not nice at all.
    So, I will start to play with all parameters
    Z-offset : it was 0.2mm, I will try to increase, perhaps 0.5
    1st layer height : with cura, automatically with 0.8 nozzle, it proposes 0.32mm, but from what I have found on internet, this is too small, I will try 0.6mm
    I will reduce speed of first layer also.

    If someone has good experience, and proposal of parameters to print well with 0.8mm nozzle, I would be very interested.
    If I make improvements, I will make a new message here to tell with which parameters
    Thank you

  • IMG_20220520_173333438_red.jpg Hello,
    I will see how it continues, and I will remember that fan could have to be changed, thank you.

    In last 2 days, I have read several articles on internet, and made some test, with the test object 10x10x.5Doubled. And now, it looks like, I have something correct, I will retry to print my parts.
    Offset : I have increased, and then decreased, to finish with 0.2 like at start.
    Layer height : I have increase to 0.6 and decrease to 0.5. By default it was 0.32, it gives too much pressure , I guess. And 0.6 recommended in some article, was a bit too much.
    Initial layer height : 0.4, found in an other article, to improve first layer, which is now quite good in this test object.
    Temperature : 210°C for initial layer ; 200°C for printing
    Width line : 0.9 (it was 0.88 by default in cura for 0.8 nozzle)
    I have reduced several speed, speed for initial layer even more than others.
    And I have increased a bit retraction, to improve the corners![0_1653061847682_IMG_20220520_173333438.jpg](Uploading 4%)

  • It looks idk... overextruded and melted? I would maybe try a few degrees lower printing temp (with the part fan at max), and reprint it with a somewhat dialed back flow value. I don't have much experience with really big nozzles. I only printed a few bigger/big parts a while back with a 1mm nozzle on a stock cr-6 but those looked "good-ish".

    You might should get a bigger part cooling fan, because the stock 4010 fan might have difficulties to cool the tremendous amount of plastic that could came from a 0.8 or a 1.0 mm nozzle. Slowing down the printing process can help but the nozzle can melt the previous layer and that is not so good.

    I probably would try to do a test with a somewhat lower layer hight, too.

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