Kickstarter update shows shipped, email message tells me not yet

  • On August 27 I was contacted by Creality oficial tk give them a correct address since my address was giving a zip code error. I thought it was because I included the zip+4 digits so I gave them my address without those extra 4 digits.

    I ask them to confirm if it was accepted and got the response that if they didn't contact me back then it means the address was ok and the printer would be shipped.

    After this I see that my backer number is listed in the August 31st batch so I thought it was ok, printer shipped to the address I gave them.

    Couple of days later I see that on the tracking info in pledgebox it says "incorrect zip code". Thinking that it could be because the address on pledgebox is no exactly the same as the one I gave them on the 27th, that it could give an error; I contacted the same Creality employee about it and after a couple.of messages I get this response.

    So what's it really? Has it shipped or has it not? and if not, why list my backer number as shipped then?

    Also got in contact today with UPS and they checked any packages to both addresses and there is nothing coming.


  • @Lugo
    Dear, please don't worry, until now, I will check for you. Please send your backer number here. Thank you

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