Halot Sky OTA Firmware Update Broke My Printer

  • I attempted to update Halot Sky firmware to the latest revision over WIFI using the settings menu. The update downloaded OK but installation failed at 20%.

    Now the printer will only display the little Creality cartoon mascot on the screen as a still picture (not moving). It never gets beyond this to display any sort of menu, and as a result the printer no longer works.

    I have power cycled the machine but no luck, the Creality man is the only thing on the screen, forever.

    Creality email support advised me to update the firmware via USB, even sent a link to a video showing how to do it using the onscreen menus. But there is no menu functionality, which I described in my email but they apparently missed that important detail.

    I discovered some discussion about a program called Phoenix Suit on the internet, but it does not upload .SWU files, only .IMG files. Halot Sky firmware appears to only be provided in .SWU format.

    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?

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