World Enivronment Day: Be a member of Creality eco-friend Union in 2022

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    3D printing is leading Industry 4.0 as one of the main characters. 3D printing dedicates to environment protecting the area. As part of saving the environment in the 3D industry, Creality is responsible for having a positive impact on the environment: supporting a circular economy, lower carbon footprint, and reducing manufacturing waste. Because the key is not to stop consuming but to start being mindful of our actions and how to affect the ecosystem.

    Lower carbon footprint: plastic waste, noise. As the achievement on Sermoon V1 Pro:
    90% cut carbon footprint
    20% Plastic Saved
    45dB in Silent Mode
    Automatic Energy-Saving LEDs

    Creality advocacy and also hopes to be inspired by the good ideas you find in the use of 3D printers in order to optimize our products and contribute to the betterment of the 3D printing industry.

    So between June 5th and June 20th, submit your ideas for eco-friendly through video, which users will publicly vote on.

    The 5 users with the highest votes will be designated as Creality's "Creality Eco-Stars" and receive a free printer and other official support from Creality.

    The 5 users with the most votes will be our"Creality Eco-Stars" and will get

    Sermoon v1 pro+PLA filament
    Ender 3 s1 pro+PLA filament
    Halot one plus+UV Curable Resin
    CR-Laser Falcon
    Ender 2 Pro+PLA filament

    In addition, all participants will become members of our Creality eco-friend union in 2022.
    All members will be able to enjoy exclusive offers (coupons) on Creality products and receive official traffic support and exposure such as exposure and byline in the "Brand Story" section of the Creality website.

    How to join:
    Submit your video link through

    The video should cover the following topics:

    1. Where did you get this idea?
    2. How does the idea work for environmental protection?
    3. What’s the role of Creality in your environment protecting plan?
    4. Based on your idea, is there any advice you would like to provide to Creality?
      Note: Your idea doesn’t have to be related to Creality's products, but it must be related to 3D printing.

    We are so excited to be celebrating World Environment Day with you all. For anyone interested in our printer or green filaments, click the link below:
    Good luck and happy World Environment Day!!

  • Thank you so much for all of your participating in Creality's World Environment campaign, after our internal voting we got our two winners for this campaign, and they are Nisarg Doshi and C3DS - Custom 3D Specialties. Congratulation!!! About your prize, pls check your inbox.

    Declaration: From June 5th to June 20th, we only received no more than 10 projects from participants. After we discussed it internally, it was not necessary that use the public resource to vote for the winner. One reason is the duration takes longer. Another reason is we didn't have enough quality project videos to vote on publicly.

  • @Nisarg have you gotten any reply for them?

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  • @admin Will there be any public voting on this, as mentioned on gleam?

  • @admin Also, should any special tags or mentions be added to the youtube videos which have already been submitted? Thank you.

  • @admin Will there be a public voting for the entries that were submitted?

  • @admin ok awesome 😎 I will keep a lookout for it. Thank you ☺

  • @C3DS We‘re screening internally and will announce the winners next week. Thanks for your attention.

  • @admin when dose a update on this come out?

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