i need some help please

  • hi every body,i was hoping some one may be able to help me, as im new to 3d printing.So i bought an ender5 pro, which i put together and did my first print, which i must say was rather impresive, it was the owl which came with the printer, then i printed some oil barrels from thingiverse, and again it was really good, then i noticed that my hot end had moved from where it first started, to a little bit further to the right at the homing position, And that it was also really close to the bed. How ever when i came to print again i leveled the bed as normal, homed the printer after, which went ok then when i pressed print from sd card it moved to the center as normal. But then i noticed that the hot end and bed were a good distance from each other, resulting in me getting spaggetti in stead of a 3d printed part. I am hoping some one can tell me where ive gone wrong and how to fix this problem, as i want to get back to printing thank you in advance and look forward to any help

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