Ender-3 v2 z-axis inconsistent.

  • Hello hivemind.

    I've tried to look up this issue many times, but nothing helps, so I hope you can help.
    My z-axis keeps being inconsistent. When Autohome the printer, the x and y axis is correctly calibrated but the z-axis keeps either hitting the bed or being 2mm from it. Even when manually calibrating the z-axis, it doesn't keep the values.
    It's a new printer and I got no accessories attached.

    I've tried to:

    • switch the z and x endstop, but the issue still persists.
    • updated the firmware.
    • slightly loosen some of the bolts and belts incase of overtightening.
    • calibrating the bed (before I noticed the z-axis being off, which were hell)

  • I found the fasteners on the z-axis nut were loose on my new Ender-3 V2 Neo. It was not easy, but I managed to tighten them and things improved.

  • @MrPhysicalSky I have been having the same problem. In my case I have a DL touch as the Z stop. But the same issue with the Z offset being different from print to print.

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