Sermoon D1 Layer shfting

  • I have had my Sermoon D1 for about a month.
    Has work flawlessly up untill the other night when i noticed about 20mm up on the print the whole layer has shifted .
    The bottom 20mm is still on the bed but after that it moved and started laying the print in a different spot, ontop of the original print.
    I re sliced the file and still happened but looked to be getting worse.
    Tried a different sd card and different files and is getting worse.
    Last night it layed the first 10 or 15 layers perfectly but then just kept printing a line in the same spot.
    Have checked for loose bolts and all the axis slide nice and smooth. Re-leveled the bed, but it prints the first few layers down so smooth it cant be a bed level problem.
    This is my second printer after a Ender 3 V2 and had some small issues getting that working correctly, but cause there is so much information about them online, all the small issues I was able to find solutions to rather easily.
    Any help diagnosing this fault would be appreciated.

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