problem with my Ender 3 Pro

  • I’m having a problem with my Ender 3 Pro. I just upgraded the mother board to 4.2.7..( I had this problem before the upgrade.) I have leveled the bed with the CR Touch, stored the settings. Then I auto homed the nozzle and stored that setting just to be sure. Then I got a piece of paper, lowered the Z axis so that the paper would just hesitate a little, but the dial would only get to 00.00 and no farther. It won’t give negative settings. The paper isn’t touching the nozzle and won’t go down any farther. Obviously I can’t print anything with the nozzle too high off the bed. I hope I included all the necessary information needed. What do I do ??? Thanks for any help.

  • @rtemr1
    Have you adjusted the z offset? Usually it's set at about 3mm. When demanding 0mm on the z axis this means it will travel 3mm past the touch sensor trigger point. If you still have a gap too big increase the offset. I found it best to activate home between each change of offset.

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