CR-10 Smart Pro creality box firmware required update?

  • Cloud app is showing a required update to the Creality Box firmware. I don't have a separate Box and didn't think the Smart Pro would require it, but I can't get past the required update; when I try, it tells me I don't have a TFCard installed. I can't figure out what to do from here... I've removed the printer and re-added it to the app, but that does nothing. I bought a microSD card and put that into the slot in the control panel box, and also put it into an SD card-sized reader in the printer itself, but that didn't change the error message of "Please check whether the device is inserted into TFCard."

    Any suggestions?

  • I have a similar problem that drives me crazy for a while. You can try this. Power up the printer without the webcam pluging in. Run X-Y HOME and Z HOME at Ready screen. Now plug the webcam in. Wait for 30 seconds and run your Creative Cloud app on your phone. See if that works for you.

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