Z-Axis not moving with CR Touch on Ender V2

  • Hi, I recently purchased an Ender V2 with a 4.2.2 mainboard and CR Touch. Unfortunately when I "Auto Home" the machine, the extruder doesn't move on the z-axis, while the CR Touch continues to extend and retract itself. This results in the printer not homing in the z-axis.

    I physically installed the CR Touch as per the instructions, so there should be no issues in that department. I installed firmware from this website under Accessory Firmware > Ender-3 V2.zip. I also tried downloading firmware from a different source but still the same result.

    Please check out this video of my printer moving.

  • @Tarin
    Does the z axis move up or down manually from the control panel?
    Does it move at all at any other time? Perhaps you have knocked the connector off to the z stepper?

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