CR-5 Pro SD reader only works with FAT not FAT32

  • My 3 week old CR-5 Pro is refusing to read gcode files from any SD card except a old 128mb FAT formatted card. This includes the card provided with the printer containing the manual and test models. Touching Print, after a long pause, the file list is simply blank. I have checked the card, copied all of the directories and files to my PC for safe keeping. Re-formatted and placed the gcode files back. Still no go.

    So I tried a small (128mb) FAT formatted card, placing the factory test files there, still nothing. On a whim I renamed a file to test.gcode Then the printer would see it, and I could select it and print it. I tried renaming the file to a different name, test_1.gcode. It fails presumably due to the underscore in the name.

    After trying several cards and many files the ONLY way I seem to be able to print is to use that small card and keep file names back to MS-DOS standard 8 character names with nothing other than alpha or numeric names.

    As I said I am unable to print the supplied test files from the card provided with the printer.

    Is this OLD firmware? or broken hardware ?

    OH I can print over USB via Simplify3D or Octoprint.

  • 04 - March 2021

    I have a similar issue.
    The printer does not read Gcode files
    I did create a Gcode file with Cura 4.8.0
    The card that I am using is the given card by the manufacturer 8Gb SD Card.

    I can not print at all due to that Problem

    Best Regards

  • Dear @linuxguygary

    I will put your post to be pin post and hope it will help other people who have the same issues.

  • @admin
    Just to update for others knowledge etc. After buying additional cards and testing The printer does see files adhering to the 16 character filename limit from FAT32 cards. It does not read the 8GB card that was provided with the printer even thought the card does work fine on a PC with two different readers.

    I can FORCE the files on that 8GB card to be see by carefully pressing the card side to side in the reader slot, which indicates an issue with the connectors in the socket. BUT ONLY the 8GB Creality provided card has that problem .

    My original issue was due to a mix of the flaky card, and incorrect characters (or long names) on the other tested cards.

    ** HOPEFULLY this helps someone else if they are experiencing similar issues.

    Happy Printing !

  • @admin
    These the example files on the Creality supplied SD card with the printer, and a small test file I added to the card. The "3D Model file" is the description that Windows shows because I have
    The Simplify 3D slicer installed and associated with .gcode files. But those are gcode files and unaltered from their original state.

    I will test with only the provided 001.gcode file. and report back.

  • Dear @linuxguygary

    Our engineer had checked your video:

    1. What kind of files are in your SD card? Is it Gcode or STL, or OBJ? I see that although the file is named *.gcode, in the Type column, it shows a 3D model file
      2, The printer can only recognize files whose file type is *.gcode, and cannot recognize the 3D model. You need to use Cura or Simplify3D to convert the 3D model to Gcode before printing normally

    3, Please copy this file to the SD card and see if the printer can recognize it

  • @admin

    Very good, I will send that shortly.

  • Dear @linuxguygary

    I feedback your issue to our after-sales engineer, he wants to have a video for the card reader on the PC. Please send it to And I will push him to feedback you.

  • Testing with the Creality provided 8GB SD card and gcode files still doesn't work. The card also tests and reads fine in a PC, See attached image for card contents as own on the PC.
    shCR5-SD Card Contents.JPG

    I have also copied the files off the card, re-formatted it and placed ONLY the gcode files back in the root directory of the card. with the same result. No files found by the printer.

  • @linuxguygary

    The printer only recognizes SD cards with less than 16g internal memory, and only recognizes gcode files. The file name is within 16 characters. The file name consists of letters or numbers. It is recommended that the SD card only stores the models that need to be printed.

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