• unfortunately, on cura there is no profile for cr 5 pro h how can i fix this situation?

  • @Ulasgunduzzz No profile for my CR-3040 Pro too...
    I first try to create a custom printer but then realised that was to far away from creality standards.. so i deleted that one and then went for an existing simular Creality printer.
    I customized one from CR-20 (i first took CR-10 but that had som grafiks i did not like)

    i then sliced an objekt in Creality Slicer ( with the right printer) and saved as GCODE and opened in notepad.. i could then steal some code to past in start code in cura..
    i guess you could do simular with Creality Print

    This is far from perfekt.. but i worked for me.. i still have a lot of calibrating to do...
    i had to read the BLtouch manual to find how that worked.. (put G29 efter a G28) in startcode to have it mesure everytime.

    I dont know why the "Pro" printers have such bad documentation

  • +anyone ?

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