Nut on feed tube, stuck...

  • Today I found a blockage in the filament feed tube, I have a devil of a job getting the tube away. I undid the nut and pulled it away, however now its stuck up the tube and having cleared the blockage I want to move it back into place, but its do I do this?

  • @SPlatten the filament should feed through by the amount requested. 10mm should see 10mm get pulled through. With the z axis set well above the bed make a mark 20mm up on the filament and request 20mm then watch as the mark stops just before the extruder.
    You should see a clean ish worm of filament coming out.
    If that looks right then check the nozzle clearance with the bed when printing. If the gap is too small it can result in filament being blocked from getting out. .

  • In the end I ordered new Bowden tubes and couplers, however although the filament does extrude when I press the feed button on the printer display, it does not extrude enough when I start printing.

    Can anyone help, I've watched several videos on you tube and tried tightening the extruder, but I still have the same problem when it starts to print it doesn't extrude enough, just a tiny amount.

    I am using PLA filament.

  • @SPlatten if its pla filament you might find it softens enough to pull it out if you heat it up with boiling water.

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