Has anyone actually got their Lizard yet ??

  • As one of the backers on Kickstarter, then on Pledgebox- I was wondering if anyone has actually received their Lizard yet ??

    Perhaps I should have learnt my lesson from the Kickstarter experience- but the Pledgebox one was apparently 'sent' 4 weeks ago, but hasn't gone anywhere since.
    Several emails to Creality have gone unanswered.
    I realise there are shipping delays at the moment, but it is terrible customer service from Creality. First time, I asked where it was, second time I asked for a refund- still no answer.

    I think this will be the first and last time that I ever buy anything from Creality


  • @NotHappy Hi I got mine on June 30th via Fedex from Pledgebox. It was shipped out June 1st. Don’t lose hope, I’m sure it’s coming. 😊

  • @NotHappy Received mine 7/1/22.

  • I just got mine this afternoon, and played around with it a while to get a feel for how it and the software worked. One thing I found out right away is when using the turntable mode, it's not meant for large objects. i.e. the distance of the camera from the turntable is only about 300 mm, so any object larger than a few inches won't be in the cameras view. Also for good results you need to scan the object from multiple angles, but that being said, my first full set of scans came out pretty darn impressive (and it's merging of multiple scans from different angles worked really well.).

  • I received my scanner in the post, today. It looks nice. Although, I haven't had time to install &/or try it out yet.

    I would suggest a little patience. Hopefully, you should have been sent a tracking number. It took quite a while for mine to arrive, primarily due to FedEx taking their good old time delivering it, and a day later than I was informed it would be here.

    Don't give up on them yet...

  • Yes, i hav received it on June 22nd !! 🙂
    And im so happy (& with it) !!

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