CR-5 Pro Use of LED

  • Does anyone have any information about the use of the LED (e.g. from the product information page: Print Process Reminder) is it simply ON or Off via the control panel?

    Also is it controllable via gcode? The Marlin M355 Case light control returns an error.

    Marlin Case Light Control

  • NO I have not, there is very little information about this printer and firmware, I'm considering getting an aftermarket board that runs generic marlin so that I have options to do the things I want to do. lighting control, ABL or Manual bed mesh etc. etc. One of my biggest frustrations with the CR-5 Pro is the lack of information and documentation. This is a much more costly printer than a basic Ender3, but there is almost no information about it available.

  • Hola!, encontraste la solución o el código GCode para poder usar el Led?
    Me interesa también, gracias!.. lo usaría para Octoprint! 😉

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