Error updating firmware ender 6

  • Hello, I recently acquired an Ender 6 printer and after assembling and initializing it, I decided to update the firmware to "Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-Endstop.bin" on Creality's own website.
    I followed the procedure as shown in the Creality video teaching the correct procedure.
    After saving the new firmware on the card, I inserted it in the printer turned off and turned it on, everything seemed to be the same as the video, but in the end the update happened but only the icons appeared on the panel and not information such as temperatures and the panel did not respond more, nothing works, only appear the launch bar version v1.0.4.9 and then the main menu as the photo below and nothing else.
    Does anyone know how to solve this, I've tried installing the older firmware and nothing, I'm desperate, help please.

  • Has anyone had the same problem?
    Does anyone know how I can resolve this?
    In the first post I mentioned the photo but I forgot to include it, so here it is!

    WhatsApp Image 2022-06-27 at 21.10.35.jpeg

    Please if anyone knows how I can solve this problem help me!

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