Creality Easy Quiz Game: Enter to Win 3D Printers And More

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    Calling everyone!

    It’s time to test your 3D printing knowledge of resin 3D printer.

    Well, you have already known HALOT-ONE PLUS, but do you really know it?

    Give us 5 minutes, grab this chance to take a quiz game and win a Creality HALOT-ONE PLUS($399) and HALOT-ONE($289) resin 3D printer!

    To join the quiz game, please kindly click here

  • Hello everyone , Here are my answers to Creality Halot-One Plus giveaway:

    Q1: Halot-One Plus is SLA printer.
    Q2: Halot-One Plus has 7.9'' 4K display
    Q3: Halot-One Plus supports Wifi-remote control, cloud slicing and One click to print (A, B, C)
    Q4: All of the listed softwares are supported by Halot-One Plus.
    Q5: We can print Jewelry, household tools, architecture modules and toys with the Halot-One Plus, (A, C, D, E). Even though i would gladly print One piece anime ending for myself 😊
    Q6: All of the listed features are implemented in the Halot-One Plus.
    Q7: For combo purchase on the store it is included one more Halot-One Plus (A)
    Q8: I don't own a resin printer, but i assume the most important thing should be setting up the model we want to print, its orientation, scale and supports. After the printing process the next step should be careful removal of print and responsible dispose of the resin and cleaning the printer.

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