Import Calibration File?

  • It finally cooled off enough in my shop, I could unbox my Lizard. Hooking it up was simplicity itself- btw the middle part of the airplane connector is a sleeve you have to wiggle back just a hair, to unplug. I downloaded the latest Windows software... loaded and started it... and got a gray mess that in no way resembled the software on all the YT videos. I tried starting the scan, but all it would do is say Import Calibration File. Nothing by that name was in the thumb drive. Now what?

  • Downloaded online this morning. At the same time, at my request, the support service sent me this file

  • Thanks for the info. I did the same, but when connected to a network, the program freezes and the calibration file is not downloaded. I noticed that you are not using a version of the software designed exclusively for Lizard. Maybe that's the thing. Can you post the downloaded calibration file with the txt extension?

  • @Pygar I am also very interested in the answer to this question

  • Make sure the plugged into the usb and powered on before starting CR-Studio. Use the network download to get the calibration file. I had the same problem until I watched this video:


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