Ender 3 Pro thermal runaway error but the printer is new

  • I just purchased an Ender 3 Pro a couple weeks ago and some PLA to go with it. The temp for the PLA says 215-230C but when I set the extrusion temperature over 200 I am guaranteed to get a Thermal Runaway error during the print.

    Everything works perfectly fine and its brand new out of the box. I watch the print and every work completely fine but as soon as I turn my back it fails.

    Whats strange is when I have the print temp at 200 everything runs smooth and I've gotten 6 full prints out of it. Why do I get a Thermal Runaway error every time my settings are over 200C?

  • Your termistor in the hotend are too lose to make contakt to the heaterblock
    else is to hard tightened so it connect to ground..

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