CR6-SE: feeding buttons and auto leveling

  • Couple of issues with my CR6-SE. Thoughts, anyone?

    1: Feeding buttons
    Are the “Feeding” and “Return” buttons supposed to drive the filament in and out? They do nothing when pressed, even after preheating.

    2: Auto leveling
    After the printer is powered up and I start auto-leveling:

    • Nozzle moves to plate center and touches it, moves up a bit on the Z-axis
    • Nozzle moves to sector 1 (front left), moves further up, does not touch the plate
    • Nozzle moves to sector 2, moves even further up, does not touch the plate
    • When it comes to sector 3 or 4, it usually moves all the way down to touch the plate, and the rest of the leveling completes normally

    This usually happens the first 2 or 3 times I run auto-leveling, and on the next attempt the nozzle will finally touch the plate on sector 1 and complete normally.
    This happens regardless if the memory card is inserted or not, and across power cycles. The next time I power the printer on and attempt to auto-level, this starts over.

  • I made videos of both issues to clarify the issues.

    1: Feed/return buttons not responding:

    2: Auto-leveling not touching the plate for the first 4 sectors (some times it only misses the first 2 or 3):

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