CR-6 SE Shipping Delays - Package Not Found

  • My printer was shipped as part of the August 20th shipment. I was able to find tracking details through my UPS account, and it was listed on Pledgebox (it is not there now).

    The package stopped moving at one of the distribution centers and had no updates for 7 days so I started a Claim Process with the shipper (UPS).

    The Claim status is: Package Search Complete - Package Not Found

    KickStarter Backer #: 392

    What can I do to get my printer, and add-ons, that I ordered - now that the shipper seems to have "lost" my package?

  • The referred shipping information is from my 2nd shipment (Add-ons) and not the first shipment. THe first shipment - part of the August 20th release - has been lost by the shipping company: 1Z7Y59R80395209329

  • @diacis
    Dear, as I checked, your goods are ready for UPS

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