Ender 3 S1 Pro Hardware Version mismatch - how to deal with it?

  • I got an S1 Pro in late april and now it seems that there's a firmware update available.

    There is one problem - my HW version is listed as CR-FDM-v2.5.S1_100.

    The official website had firmware download marked with v2.4_301.

    The version CR-FDM-v2.5.S1_100 is actually a CR10 firmware package.

    Official firmware upgrade is named Ender-3 S1 Pro HWv24S1_301_SWV2.0.8.22F4_F401_FDM_LASER

    Official firmware upgrade for CR10 is named CR-10 Smart Pro20220214SW1.0.13HW CR-FDM-V2.5.S1_100 (same as what's listed in the UI of my printer)

    I have a laser module - which firmware do I need to get to use it?
    What if I upgrade firmware to what's on the official page? Will it brick my machine?
    I cannot use Octoprint fully, because host notifications are off.

    I emailed Creality aftersales support and I have no response.

    Any opinions, help and commiserations are appreciated.


  • Looks like you are confusing firmware with hardware. Your hardware version is CR-FDM-v2.5.S1_1 and your firmware is

    I also have an Ender-3 S1 Pro with the same hardware version and my firmware is

    The latest firmware on the website is with a description of:

    1、Fix the problem that after pausing printing for a period of time, continue printing and then stop printing immediately.
    2、Fix the problem that "stop printing" sometimes stops abnormally after entering the printing interface after power off and continuous printing.
    3、Fix the problem that the stop time is long after the laser mode is selected to the Gcode file of FDM.

    for the laser it appears to be with a description of:

    Bug Fixed

    As you can tell documentation is not great and I have not been brave enough to upgrade my firmware yet.

  • Hi, I got mine some days ago and it's the same H/W and Version. I tried the two F/W versions from June and July - both failed but I was able to recover the printer using the April version...

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