Failed layer 1 print

  • Hello all,
    I realize ths might be the most common first post for most members.

    I'm no exception..
    If running at 500% it looks good,, but is way to thick blocking the nozzle printing a second.
    If running att 105%, whispy stringy filaments barely touching the bed...

    I have an Ender 3 with v4.2.2 original, 4.2.7 and even a newer one. Direct-drive extrucion etc. All amazing build quality!!!

    Anyhow, see the pic

    What am I doing wrong???

  • @x-stride firstly I'd suggest not varying the speed. Going faster is something to try once you get everything right at normal speed. A successful print depends on so many parameters and you have not shared any in your post.
    Eg. Bed temperature, filament type, filament temperature, nozzle size, layer height..... would be a good start.

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