Big Giveaway: Halot Resin Printer

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    Big Giveaway!!!🙌 🙌

    Let's keep the fun going and continue to win!
    We are launching a print & paint contest for all of you who own Creality resin printers to participate in, since the game is on, I'll keep the contest brief so that everyone can understand it easier.
    👏 1. Obtain the STL for free:
    👏 2. Print it and paint it
    👏 3. Photograph it with your Halot resin printer
    👏 4. Comment with the photo and the hashtag #TabaxiMAOMonkPrintPaintContest.

    You can win a Halot-One Plus, Halot-One Pro, Halot-One, resin washer, and resin by following these four steps.

    I would like you to participate in the game and get the reward, furthermore, in the printing of Tabaxi Master Mao, who is a shielded mind, divine awareness, psychic defense with the multi-attack, find your own inner power strength for loving life passion.

    For more participation details information if you are interested, click here:

    More stunning Halot features can be found at:

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