cr-10 max knobs fall off

  • I got a new CR-10 Max a couple weeks ago. I set it up right away and began initial setup and testing.

    So I then started to play with printing. If I leveled it, and printed it was ok. But by next print it needed re-leveling. I thought that was odd, but figured I would learn something along the way.

    I then was able to print a large bed test successfully, 1mm tall.

    SO I then decided to do a real print. Small kitty. It worked. Then, I went to a large real print, this is when things went sideways.

    1. Not too long into the print I noticed bumps forming on the filament it was leaving down. So I clipped those flat in hopes it would continue ok through the night. I went to bed, and the next morning it looked as if someone took it apart.

    2. ALL 4 leveling knobs were on the floor.

    3. the plastic cover for the nozzle had fallen off, had melted plastic in it, and when I tried to remove the plastic the rubber split in half.

    4. the vent for the fan on the side of the nozzle broke off and was on the ground.

    5. the print went crazy, as one would expect without and tension in springs, and wasted entire spool.

    so in the end, this is my 2nd printer. My 1st was an any cubic and after a few days of work I got the anycubic to work well. I have been able to swap out filament, nozzles, nozzle sizes and never re-level. It has just worked great from start.

    Now, this Creality experience has shaken me. It needs leveling every print? The printer falls apart on long prints? What should I do?

    I have read that others bought extra parts to lock knobs, or fix vent, or replace nozzle. But I just spent 1k on a printer and feel it should work out of box if put together correctly. Am I wrong there? thinking of returning for large any cubic.

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