Ender 3 S1 Pro x and y axis stutters

  • So I have been bird dogging some issues with x and y axis stutters doing fast movements, I cannot seem to sus out where it is coming from. Things I have done so far.

    Removed the bed checked the rollers and belt on y axis, completely re-aligned the bed, releveled etc.
    Checked the gantry found the left side brass z axis guide was loose. Tightened it.
    Noted from the factory the left side bracket no matter how I adjusted the concentric nut to tighten or loosen the rollers, the left top roller would spin almost freely. I loosened the right side bolt by the adjusting roller and pushed down in the bracket about .5 mm to tilt it downward to the right a hair to make sure both left rollers have contact to rail.
    I have adjusted all rollers on all axis
    When first setting up the printer I installed the gantry but only snugged the bolts then I ran the z axis up to the top and bottom multiple times and brought it to the bottom before fully tightening the bolts to ensure its set
    Checked the belt tensions not too lose or too tight.
    I disabled steppers and manually actuated x and y axis and multiple speeds but cannot reproduce the stutters.
    I checked the belt travel paths to see if the belts are rubbing against any extrusions and there is a little deviation not rolling 100% strait but I do not see any belt wear on sides and it does not move drastically one way or the other I would say its mild to low deviation, its is very slow the whole way through travel, not abrupt.

    I cannot figure out where its coming from. I am almost contemplating doing a complete tear down and rebuild to ensure everything is square.

    One item I however do notice is the Z axis is not smooth at all going up and down, not in the slightest, with steppers disabled using the upper belt to move it up and down it goes then has high tension and then kinda pops through it then goes and repeats this the whole way up and down. So either this may be causing it not sure, but does not explain the noise on the other axis.

    Anyone else have this? I have done under twenty prints with most of those being drafts and while prints are not failing I have no leveling or under/over extrusion issues just consistent banding no layer shifting. All rollers have little wear lines but they are not like embedding where you can feel them if you run your nail across them, just looks like normal for running up and down a groove.

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