Creality Ender 6 won't reboot

  • Hi there,

    I don't have a problem anylonger, but I'd be glad to share my information with anyone in need.

    I have a Ender 6 printer that works fine. Should I say "worked fine", until it would not restart after a power down sequence:

    No moving progress bar on the HMI. I assumed that was a main board failure after restart since I could not communicate through its USB port.

    Bought a new board, installed it, rewiring done, restart and.... nothing. Maybe that was the HMI that was dead. Let's strip down the beast, load the firmware of the HMI,... everything went fine but still no reboot once everything was put back together.

    I decided to unplug all connectors from the main board (except the wired connections) and then , enventually a miracle! it would restart 🎺

    So I rewired each connection, one at a time until it comes to the "frozen" mode: guess which cable it was? TH1 (thermistor 1). After analysis and websearches, TH1 is the temperature sensor of the hot-end. And then I remembered what I dit before it failed: I dismantled the hot-end because it was clogged!!! To put the hot-end apart, you unscrew various attachements and one is a small screw that holds in place the connection wire of the thermistor: 'the thermistor is a tiny CTN resistor that fits a hole in the assembly on which a screw is used ONLY to maintain the cable, nothing else. Don't need to tighten hard the screw unless you want to tear apart the Teflon insulating material and make a short circuit to the ground!

    Yes, it's a short on that sensor wire that prevents restart of my printer. I did not think about it because I expected a temperature fault instead of a restart failure!

    So I fixed the insulation problem (Teflon tube replacement) and I did restart normally.

    So, if it does not restart, remove the screw that holds the wiring of the hot-end's sensor, remove the sensor and separate the wire, then try to restart your printer. Maybe it will fix it.

    Best regards


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