Ender 3 Pro Print Fail/Maintenance Advice

  • Hi there,

    I recently started 3D printing for the first time. I have been successful for about 2 months now in keeping my printer maintained e.g. Cleaning/unclogging the nozzle, re-calibrating the bed, tightening any loose wheels etc but I still have a lot to learn about a lot of the parts of the printer and what causes what issue.

    Last night after a lot of issues when levelling my bed and test printing, I was finally able to get my print going. I come back to check it after it's finished today and it's a mess. The print side closest to the bed is all over the place even though when I stayed to check the bed support layer it was looking fine. The corners of my print have lifted and are sometimes not printed correctly at all.

    However, as the print got taller the quality seems to have sorted itself out. This is the first time I've had an issue like this so I don't know if there's a part of the printer that would cause this that I'd have to fix/tighten to sort this out.

    To clarify: The bed was levelled (which was more complicated than usual), The nozzle was cleaned, and the temperatures were set at their regular temperatures for the filament I was using (the same filament I usually use).

    I will also mention this is probably the biggest item I've ever printed so I don't know if that would make a difference.

    Any advice on how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,



  • Hi!😁
    You can take pictures or videos of the fault and send them to us for diagnosis 1. You can communicate with us online through the official website - online customer service https://www.creaality.com/
    2. Or send the above information to our after-sales mailbox
    Hope it helps you

  • @Midnight Hi there,
    Sadly I don't print on glass. My bed is just a standard non-removable bed. The support layer stuck on fine to the bed the whole print. Didn't move. But it did print all over the place after the first 5/6 layers of filament...

  • @Cloudy_Puff try getting some purple school glue spread it on the glass where your print will be this will help keep the first few layers down basically what happens is the bottom layers start to cool and the hot layers start to draw them in the glue will stop this in most cases good luck

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