The Halot Sky is a Lemon

  • I purchased a Halot Sky back in April. I have yet to get a print out of it.

    1. Printing LCD screen cracked and was replaced under warranty
    2. A routine OTA firmware update bricked the motherboard - also replaced under warranty
    3. Now it will not cure any resin even with the cleaning function - yes I did confirm visually that the printing LCD is lit up during the cleaning cycle. Ran multiple cleaning cycles back to back, resin is still 100% uncured liquid.

    I'm not a n00b to 3D printing. I've run a half dozen FDM machines, and currently run seven SLA / Laser machines in a production environment as well as an Elegoo Saturn S, which prints fine and has done so out of the box without requiring multiple warranty support requests.

    Something is wrong with the Halot Sky. Is anyone else having any luck printing with this machine? It looks like it would be a great production machine aside from the fact that it simply does not work.

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