Z axis steps problem after new cables

  • Hi,

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this problem. I had a damaged wire of the z axis stepper motor, so I bought a new one on ebay. Although the steppermotor works, the prints are terrible. I printed several cubes and bed level calibration prints and the first layer starts perfect (no probs with x and y), but when the following layers are printed, it becomes a mess. It looks like a print made with wet filament and wrong e steps.. I used new filament btw.

    Could it be that the stepper does not get the correct current because of bad quality wiring? Its really a bummer, because i just got a new Revo Micro hotend that worked superb, so that cannot be the problem.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    (Printer is an ender 5 pro with bltouch)

  • @Amazon62 great news. Got there in the end

  • @BobB

    Well, I figured it out. Kinda stupid, the part cooling fan is not working. I now printed in low temperature and it is much better. Hope a wire came loose when I placed the new stepper motor cable.

    So you were kinda right about the temp to be the problem. Thanks!

  • @BobB Thanks for the help anyways. Gonna try to lower the temp, see what happens.

  • @Amazon62 not sure what else to suggest. Hopefully someone will have some more ideas.

  • @BobB

    I can do a pid test to calibrate again. It is a ceramic heating block around the nozzle with build in temp sensor. So that cannot get loose. I just did a check and with the infrared temp meter it was at 195 deg (set at 210). Said it is an aliexpress meter though.

  • @Amazon62 with the height being correct I'm guessing the z axis fault is not related to this problem. I've not seen prints shrink back as much as this since printing with abs. Have you checked the temperature is correct for the plastic? I wonder if it's printing really hot. Perhaps knocked the temp sensor loose and running hotter than you should. That might explain the amount of shrinkage you see. Hotter it starts out the more it will shrink.

  • @BobB

    Thanks, but the problem is that the calibration cube has the correct size when I print and measure it. So I can't calibrate. It just looks horrible. The extruder (Voron M4) is also calibrated and correct. The cube is a bit tapered. 20mm in the bottom, in the middle around 19.8mm and to 20mm again. And the top has holes in it.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Amazon62 The cable damage may have caused a fault in the stepper driver. Try recalibrating to be sure it rotates the correct amount.