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  • Hi,

    not sure this is the correct forum to post to as there seem to be very little trafic here, and as the posts are going through some moderation systems, this is lacking some interactivity.

    I have received my Lizard some time back, and spent a week-end trying to scan different objects.

    Object like a peach or ceramic object (like a cup or small mug) are going pretty well.

    Objects made of black material or metal are really hard to get scanned correctly. Especially the metallic parts which are transparent. One trick is to put some powder on them, like from a dry shampoo, but this is extra work and may not be that good.

    Also, if you put a cylinder like object up on the plate (at least an object with a revolution symmetry) , then the scanner becomes mad and you get only a small part of the object. You have to lay it on the rotating table instead.

    Have you seen the same thing ?

    Another disappointment in fact is the size of the scannable object. I thought we could scan objects as big as 30cm x 30cm x 30cm at once, like more or less promoted, but this is not the case. You have to create several scans and stitch them. But, if the first scan where the plate is show is going OK, the next ones where the plate is no longer visible are not as good, so this is a real challenge to have the full object scanned as there is no comon reference for each part of the scan.

    Have you seen the same thing ?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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