Suggestion for Firmware Improvement: Light Off Delay

  • Dear Creality Team,

    I have some friends which with success use a longer Light Off Delay / Waiting time before curing to counteract the elephant foot on Resin printers. However, I cannot even test this method as I am limited by the Halot-Software.

    The maximum Light Off delay both in the Halot Box and on the Printer is limited to 10s. However, much longer times are used to ungo the Resin being Squeezed" out of the curing area. More information on this method is fx shown in this Blogpost.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could increase the Light Off Delay maximum allowed time (if not on the screen, than in Halot Box). Furthermore a seperate "Light Off Delay" only for the Bottom Layers would be very useful, but not necessarily required, as long as I can screw down the Light Off Delay on the printer manually.

    Best regards,

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