• Hello,

    I have a CR5-Pro H, and I'm having issues sending my prints via the sd card. I've been able to connect and print from the USB with no issues, but would prefer to disconnect my computer.

    I place the gcode on the SD card. The file name is short, and able to be read.
    The SD card is placed in the printer. Sometimes it does not show files, so I reload it. When it does show files, I will click the gcode to print, and select the print button.
    After selecting print, it will do 1 of 3 things. 1) Go to print screen, but heated bed setpoint is never assigned (just see hotend 22/0, bed 22/0). It stays at this screen. 2) Goes to item 1, but cannot select cancel print. Nothing happens and I have to switch of the power supply for the printer. 3) Starts the heated bed and prints. This happens <10% of the time.

    It has been very frustrating. Any tips? Buy a new SD card? Could it be the SD card reader being defective? Could it be the software?

    Thank you for any suggestions.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the info. I had set up Pronterface to send gcode and run the printer. So, I'm OK to print tethered. It's just a shame as I was hoping to have my laptop available elsewhere while it's printing.

    Not sure if it's worth reaching out to Creality or not regarding this issue.

  • @BGies my ender 3 is fussy with sd cards. I used to format it regularly and keep short alpha/numeric filenames but it was never great. Then got a raspberry pi and installed octo print which connects via USB. This gives nice interface on your browser and even a camera feed of the print. You can initiate and monitor from your phone. £60 or so well spent.

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