Bed not leveling

  • Got a couple of questions. I have upgraded my ender to dual z-axis motors and I also upgraded to the sprite direct drive extruder on my Ender 3 Pro. Also have the 4.2.7 Silent board in it as well.

    After I installed the dual z-axis motor kit everything seemed to be working fine. once I installed the sprite kit I can't get full use of my build plate. I have played with all the offsets and sill loose about 30mm of build plate on the Y axis on the back side. Is there something in the firmware I have to tweak to make this work.

    Also printed a project that took 6 days between 3 objects. Now one side of my build plate won't lvl. One side is extremely to high and the other is too low. Also nozzle won't touch in the middle of 2 points on the x axis. I even put my glass bed on to make sure the heated side wasn't warped and it does the same thing.

    Any suggestions on either of these 2 questions?

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