Queries about the UK Store

  • First, I wanted to ask about the Affiliate Program. I noticed a link for this on the USA/CAD/EU Store, but not on the one in my country - does this mean it is not applicable in the UK?

    My other question is more of a concern. I noticed a one-time coupon for new purchases on the store, as an "Educational Discount". However, if a student wanted to buy a $450 printer, your tiny $5 coupon is simply not going to cut it, and is really insulting to families wanting to help their kids with the costs...

    What I propose, therefore, is replacing this with $50 credit, which lasts up to six months after registering a new account on the Store (one per household). This could then be used to buy things like Filament/Parts, or leveraged towards a full machine to cut purchase costs.

  • Q1: Yes, we don't have affiliates for the UK store now until the end of September. Can you wait a month and you are welcome to join.
    Q2: For the "Educational discount"-Up to 50% off for specific products, you can join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crealitystore/ for more details.

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